Retaining customers with mobile apps

In our last post, we explored the need to mobilize your website so that your customers can access the content with their mobile devices. This is an important step but may not ultimately be the answer by itself.

Mobile apps on smart phones are in great demand and will often be the first choice when looking for information. They allow quick and easy access, at the moment of need. There is no typing the URL for a website or even searching your bookmarks. The mobile app offers the preferred solution for the person on the go.

Does your business have a mobile app for your customers? Can they quickly see your business on a map in relation to their current location? Can they dial your phone number with a single touch of the screen? Are you providing them details to help immediately resolve a problem or answer a question?

A mobile app for your business will soon become a necessity rather than a nice to have. To retain your customers, you need to be accessible at their moment of need.

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